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Data Tracking and Architecture Implementation

Set up your data-collecting environment so you can leverage your business’s data
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If your business is new to data analytics, we can help create the necessary data-collecting environment that collects and tracks your business’s key metrics. This will allow you to leverage this data for future deep dive analyses as well as ongoing reporting.

Reporting Dashboard Set-Up and Maintenance

Create customized dashboards for ongoing reporting and insights

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Let us help you create a reporting environment that helps you track all of your key metrics and performance indicators in a user-friendly way that allows you to gain insights from your own data without requiring technical expertise to interpret results

Personalized Walkthroughs and Tutorials

Learn more about how to use data analytics tools and applications for yourself

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If you want to learn more about how you can leverage data analytics tools, applications, or techniques yourself, we can walk you through analytics-based tools so you can strengthen your own skillset!

Deep Dive Analysis of Business and/or Website Performance

Get actionable insights for your business or website to optimize your growth and customer experience

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If you want an ad-hoc analysis for your business or website, we have you covered! Services include cluster analysis, cohort analysis, time-series analysis, calculating customer LTV, statistical forecasting models, providing snapshot of current business metrics, and more!

Digital Marketing Performance Tracking and Strategy Consulting

Establish a data-based strategy to maximize the performance of your digital marketing efforts

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Optimize your digital marketing strategy to get the most traffic to your business for every dollar you spend, and track the performance of your marketing efforts to identify trends and opportunities

Data Analytics Contracting

Outsource your ongoing analytics work to save money while getting specialized attention from an analytics expert

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If you want to have a specialized data analytics resource at your disposal, but you do not want to have to hire someone full-time for your business, contract out your work to us and let us be your “data guys”.

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