Written by Logan Tessler, MS, an experienced client success manager with Yotpo, the leading eCommerce marketing platform.

In a world where consumers are overwhelmed with options, data has proven e-commerce brands with review content have higher on-site conversion rates than brands without review content. By positioning star ratings and review content at key conversion points, brands keep customers more engaged throughout the buyer journey and increase average order volume. Some critics say customers who search for reviews have a higher intent to make a purchase to begin with. Nonetheless, the significant uplift in conversion rates proves there is a correlation which merits the need for brands to deploy review content on their website.

For example, data has proven reviews on a website’s home page decreases bounce rates. Reviews on category pages (collection pages) also increases the click through rate between category pages and home pages. To explain, product pages with stars underneath the product title on category pages will have more impressions than product pages that don’t have stars underneath the product titles on category pages. Data has also shown that a bulk of review content is viewed specifically on product pages. Therefore, it is important to ensure that this content is easily accessible (not hidden in a tab format or so far down on the product page).

As an additional context, last quarter, Shopify identified that over 80% of e-commerce website traffic came from customers on mobile devices. This paradigm shift means it is also important to leverage data from website heat map technology to ensure that review content is displayed in areas that are receiving the highest levels of engagement. It is now more important than ever for e-commerce brands to position content with the same sense of care as the reviews they choose to display.