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Render Analytics

Our Background

Charles Render, who leads our analytics practice, is an experienced data analytics consultant who has worked with companies as small as single-person start-ups and as large as Fortune 500 corporations and knows the ins and outs of maximizing business performance using data. He started Charles Render Consulting with the vision of leveraging knowledge gained from these experiences to help businesses grow to the next level.

Our Mission

Our job starts with our customers- what makes our consulting and contracting work unique is our dedication to providing customized solutions and assistance based on client needs at an affordable rate. With expertise across several data analytics tools, platforms, and applications, we are a one-stop-shop for comprehensive data analytics needs.

Our mission is to provide data analytics solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations while also guaranteeing the lowest cost in the market. Come to us with a lower quote and we will match it.

Our Partners

We are strong believers in collaboration! Whether its sharing domain expertise, sub-contracting complimentary services, or something else entirely, we welcome the opportunity to partner with other businesses and give each other a helping hand.

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